Vince Bazemore President / Manager of Bazemore Fleet Services Certificates: Cummins Catepillar Detroit Diesel Mack Hyster International Yale Mitsubishi Clark Case

Our Services



We begin our service by collecting specific vehicle information such as year, model, engine, mileage, VIN numbers, license tag numbers and operational history. We then work with the fleet manager to establish service intervals based on mileage or run time utilizing our A, B, and C level service plans.


Fork Lifts

Battery and electrical maintenance. Chain and fork adjustment. Brake inspection and adjustments. Repair hydraulic leaks - check and adjust pressure. We can also provide quartely service including: engine tune-up, fluid and filter change, and yearly 100-point inspection.


Heavy Equipment

We have over 30 years experience on all types of heavy equipment maintenance and repairs. We offer excellent service and preventative maintenance - all at customer's location or jobsite.



We provide commercial and residential service; providing a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Repairs

Whether you are in the agricultural, industrial, mobile, marine or material handling industry, hydraulic breakdowns cost you time and money.  Hydraulic repairs no longer need to be a headache.  There is a solution available - Bazemore Fleet Services, to the rescue.  We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Other Services

We offer complete maintenance on the following equipment: Automatic Transfer Switches Cars (light and medium) Construction Equipment Farm Equipment Forklifts Generators Heavy Duty Trucks Pallet JacksDOT Inspections

Our Vision

The vision we strive for is to be the best in the business! Being the best in our industry means developing satisfied customers by providing excellent services in repairs and maintenance. Our business is built on integrity and trust because we do the right thing even when nobody is looking.

We want a company that provides us the freedom to give back to the community. Our customers will keep coming back because we endeavor to raise the standards of mechanical service in the community.

Our History

Vince Bazemore has been a diesel mechanic for more than 35 years. He originally started a company in St. Thomas in 1977 called Bazemore Heavy Equipment Services, Inc, which was very successful. He then decided to sell the company and move to Orlando in 1998. In 2004, after working with several companies, Vince decided to go back to what he did best. He started his own company again and called it Bazemore Fleet Services, Inc.

History of the Mechanic

The first car was created and it was good. A few days later, it broke down. That was bad. This led, of course, to the creation of the first mechanic. From the time German Engineer, Karl Benz, invented the first practical automobile (1885) to use an internal combustion engine, there has been a need for mechanics. A mechanic is defined as someone who provides repairs or maintenance to a machine. Machines will break and they will do so even faster without care. Mechanics have always been with us and they have always repaired the engines we have used to help us with our work.